Eye of the Tiger

So, I’ve been looking around at various blogs on the internet and determined that mine is visually pretty boring by comparison.  That can only mean it’s time for me to try and play around with video.  (A very scary prospect)  Luckily, picking my video test subject was fairly easy.

As many of you may know, I am obsessed with very fond of the TV show Supernatural.  I like both of the actors on the show, but have been asked to remain 100 yards away from  am especially fond of Jensen Ackles.

Anyways, urban legend has it that the video below was born while filming a scene for the show where Jensen’s character was supposed to lip sync a few words before another character interupted him and they went on their merry way.  However, the other actor pulled a prank and just never interrupted the lip syncing.  The director was in on the prank and never called cut, so Jensen just kept on going.  

Do I buy the backstory?  I don’t know.  It seems to be a pretty slick production for something supposedly so “spontaneous.”  Then again, you do hear the cast and crew cracking up in the background.  You decide:  Is it behind-the-scenes fun captured on camera, or is it a slick marketing ploy that is now a huge hit on You Tube?  Either way, the video does demonstrate the fact that Jensen Ackles is very, very pretty multi-talented.

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