Speed Dating for Writers

As many of you have noticed and a few have harassed me about, (you know who you are…)  I haven’t updated my blog on a regular basis this month.   I do, however, have a very good reason for my laziness.  I’ve been working like crazy to prepare for the Speed Dating Style Pitch Session that’s being hosted by the Maine Writers’ and Publishers Alliance next Monday.  I am meeting with five literary agents and publishers for ten minutes each during which time I must convince at least one of them that I am clever and witty enough to carry my own with Oprah and the book I’ve written will certainly provide them with the down payment on the bungalow in South Beach they’ve had their eye on.

The book I’ve got.  The brilliant, crisp summary I’m working on and now I have a mock cover that I designed (with the help of my amazingly creative friends at  DemersPhotography.com ) for the presentation folder I’m going to have available. 


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